Hi, I’m Sarah, a personal trainer, yoga teacher and wellness coach living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Just after my 3rd son was born, I left a 12 year career as a designer when I realized that consistent and healthy movement was the key to being my best self in all areas of life! My desire to share this with others, inspired me to launch a fitness company geared toward training, coaching and loving busy moms like myself. Seven years later, I’m still actively teaching in that community and have expanded my offerings by including yoga, nutrition and wellness retreats. 

I’m still fascinated by design…especially the intelligent design of the body and the unique relationship it has with the mind and spirit. When any one part falls out of balance, it impacts the whole person and can lead to injury, sickness, and disease. Through trial and error (and plenty of legit study) I’ve learned that the way to grounded living comes through hard work, self care and holding everything with an open hand.
The balanced approach to wellness that Fit Revolution offers is what makes me most excited about being a part of this family! While most of my classes will be in the strength (Fit) and yoga (Flow) realms, I’m eager to have access to the nutrition (Fuel) and meditation (Focus) videos and blogs as well. We need it all!
Being a wife, mom, business owner and athlete keeps me very busy, but you’ll still find me pausing to share on instagram the happenings of life, my intense love of food, some fun exercise tips, and a side of honest reflection into my struggles as a human being.  My greatest joy is walking alongside others on their journey to live their best life and I hope you’ll join me!